Paris Jackson Hits 1 Million followers on Twitter

           Paris Jackson Hits 1 Million followers on Twitter. A 14 year old emerging actress hits 1 million followers on Twitter. Proud to be a Paris Jackson Fan. 
           King of Pop Michael Jackson, her father is also a King in holding such records like this. He was once the most followed person on twitter and most liked person on Facebook. Paris shares what is to be shared with fans, its really interesting for fans to see her paintings, her photos with friends and family. But Paris recently made her instagrams private.

          Her emergence on Twitter came when she used the social network device this past July to alert the world her grandmother also her legal guardian was in trouble. Her twits made the media to take over the family problems and later it solved.

       She supported Obama through her twitter page. She said that she will move to Africa if the opposition wins ;) LOL
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